Rob Knotts gave us an impressive history of the Christmas “tradition”.    The UK only contributed the Yule log and the boozy party and a memory of the Norse god Odin who flew and delivered presents to the deserving.   Turkey gave us St Nicholas, and Holland gave us Santa Claus who sailed in from Spain with a helper, a moor .      Finland has a gift giver on a sledge, and Sweden/Norway elves who like rice pudding and cause trouble if they don’t get some.    From France we get Pere Noel and from Russia Father Frost.   The USA gathered all these traditions together and with the help of a Coca Cola advert in 1931 gave us the Father Christmas we know in a red cloak.

Brian Knotts with a reindeer he had carved in pine

A group of brian’s Christmas Carvings

Carving blanks and the figures they could become. I like the way the head is tipped up so that the viewer from above gets to see the face