Carving the Austrian by Norman Jackson

Norman attended a week long course at the Geisler- Moroder Schnitzschule in Elbigenalp in the midst of the Lechtaler and Allgäuer mountains in Austria see     It sounds as if he had a great time and he thoroughly recommends it.

The school provided him with 16 chisels and gouges of various types but he only used 5 or 6 of them.    The course started with a some warm up exercises; a flower and a pair of lips, both in low relief and carved in Zirberkiefer, a very pleasing wood to work.

Before starting work on the main carving, Norman was advised that he would need to attend a life drawing class.   As the school had 9/10 very beautiful ladies and none were over 31, Norman was very disappointed to be presented with a block of wood and a yogurt carton as the subject.     Life Drawing seems to have been a translation of  Still Life Drawing.

After making a maquette, Norman started on the main carving of an Austrian man.    The pictures below show his progress.    Some long days of hard work, sweat and tears produced a very satisfactory result.

Norman says a special thank you to Karen and Michael, and that he came home POWFECKED and very happy.