Welcome to Lancashire & Cheshire Woodcarvers

About the club

Lancashire & Cheshire Woodcarvers was formed in 1992 to promote woodcarving across the two counties and to allow its members to share a common enthusiasm, ideas and improve their carving skills in a friendly and supportive club.  Carvers of all levels of experience are welcome, and beginners can be sure of a friendly reception.

We currently have over 30 members.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are currently only meeting via video.  In normal circumstances we meet monthly on a Saturday and regularly have speakers and demonstration on carving techniques and wider woodcraft. Optionally there are also a regular weekly informal carving sessions on a Thursday for the majority of the year. For full details click here.

Members have access to the clubs extensive library of carving books and videos. The club also has tools that are available for beginners to use at meeting.

Where to find us


Spotland Methodist Church
Rooley Moor Road
OL12 7DQ

* Please use the side entrance on Tenby Street

When we Meet

For full details of when we meet please click here.

Latest News, Updates and Events


We continue to carve protective, and decorative post tops for marker posts on the footpath trails which are being developed round theBurnley area.? The subjects are chosen to be relevant to each particular site, and add interest for ramblers following the trails.? Traditional English hardwoods are used for improved durability in testing out-door weather conditions. […]


In March 2006, I was asked by the Friends of Openshaw Park, Manchester, UK, to design a sculpture for a poplar tree in the park.   The tree had lost one huge branch and another had been removed for safety reasons, but the tree was still some 30ft tall.   I submitted two designs; a […]

Jillian Smith – Dolphins

Jill says  “In 2003 I glued together some pictures from a “Dolphin Calendar” to make up a scene for a carving. I drew the outline on a piece of limewood 11.5 inches by 9 inches  My teacher at the time, Vic Bentley, said it would be too difficult for me to carve the part where […]


As I have run out of members current work, I thought that I would bring some of the work hidden in the back of the galleries out for an airing, and have chosen a carving Norman Jackson made on a carving holiday in Austria.    Norman attended a week long course at the Geisler- Moroder […]

John Adamson’s Angelfish

A client asked me to carve an angelfish.   At first she wanted it for outside, but was put off by the price of really decent plywood.   I was not unhappy with that decision as getting a smooth surface on ply is difficult.   Finally we settled on a 30cm ( to include the […]

Adrian Carter’s Marquetry

Adrian sent two photos for the website; the first one is his marquetry picture, the second one is the photograph that he was working from. The picture is a scene from Florence in Italy, somewhere they have visited on holiday with lovely memories.The picture was being made to enter into the Great Yorkshire Show in […]

Stuart Hood’s Viking chair

Stuart says that there is already a photo of the front of my Viking Chair on the web site (see Galleries, Members Carvings, Stuart Hood) but the back was looking a bit plain so  I’ve carved a boat on the lower half 12in x9in. On the top part  I’ve put my family tree dating back […]

Martin Haigh’s Animals

Martin says the animals and birds I have carved ranged from 4” to 6” with one at 9”. They have all been painted so the next stage is to mount them in a frame. I will also include 4 Birds in Marquetry. Most of my work has been from photographs from Pinterest. I have had no drawing plans to […]