Chris is a self confessed “wood nerd”, a tree surgeon with a conscience, who wants the wood he cuts down to be used for “proper purposes’ rather than become logs for wood burning stoves. In practice this means that they remove , all wood from site in the biggest chunks possible. If they were than cutting for fire wood, they saw them into small slices that are so much more easy be carried.

Chris Frankland

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of his approach. His company supplys local timber to local craftsmen for local markets.They aim to maximise the asset of the timber from dead, dangerous or unwanted trees being felled and pruned within the urban setting. Timber is provided for a wide range of uses from bespoke wooden furniture to large timbers for chainsaw sculptures, including wood carvers.

Off cuts

Some of the off cuts he brought along for members

Split log

An amazing log with a rotten centre that has a new branch growing through it The log has been split to show some of the wonder of wood

Chris supplies the rural craft industries which includes wood carvers. He says please make an appointment on 0161 941 5410, or by email on enquiries so that they can help you find the most suitable wood for your purposes. See the full range of their work on