A New Year a new hobby ?

January Meeting, Talk by Nico Pantelides on Sharpening

01 meeting

Nico says he has given a talk with a similar title 4 or 5 times over the years.  I agree, I have heard them, and am pleasantly surprised that he came up with something new and fresh.

He covered Choosing Tools and advised not buying a set as they always contain tools the manufacturer cannot sell.   Carvers use tools with thinner steel than joiners.

Sharpening has been made easier as the club now has a dedicated grind stone with the recommended angle for grinding carving tools for soft wood preset.

Honing is an action that should be repeated often, but go lightly on the electric mop as this can actually make the tool blunter

The final item was safety which should be the first on our minds.  Members should wear goggles when grinding and not use the side of the wheel as the can cause the wheel to burst spectacularly.