9th Sept. Towneley Woodland Festival

Towneley Hall Woodland Festival 2018

Six of our members enjoyed putting on an exhibition of our work in the Great Hall at Towneley, Burnley. ? The weather was mixed but we still had several hundred visitors.

Our display showed a great variety of carvings;? we showed the work of our very talented carvers such as Nick Pantelides with his large carvings and we also had a display by two of our members showing their progress from their first simple carvings progressing to their current work.

We were once again joined by Martin Walker, a stick maker from Whalley Woodcarvers. He is now decorating his sticks with messages in illustrated manuscript writing.? I liked the one which said “Ensure that your mouth is not writing cheques that your body cannot cash” However I’m not sure I should agree with the lower part of the same stick. The message continued with? “A friend in need is a damn nuisance!”

The photographs show


Our members who set up the show : Nick Pantelides, Bryan Greenwood, Glynnis Cruice,? Brian Keating, Gillian Smith and Richard Colbran.


Richard Colbran had a display of photographs showing our carvings made for the woodland trail in Towneley. ( Richard spends many hours maintaining these posts and renewing them when needed.) http://landcwoodcarvers.co.uk/galleries/club-projects/carving-post-tops-brun-valleyburnley-2012/

– by Gillian Smith