Brian Keatings miniature furniture

This picture is of a dining table with a 50p coin on the left to give an impression of the scale.

Brian brought along a mind boggling array of miniature rooms, furniture, and crockery.

This represents a room from Brian’s childhood  on a 1 to 24 scale.      You really cannot appreciate how small it is until you see it in Brian’s hands

Some more furniture.   The drawers and doors actually open and close – Amazing


This shows a draw and the joints used to make it with a 50p coin to give an idea of the size

We asked what special equipment he used.    He has no need for glasses for the work and uses a standard size lathe for the turned objects.   He has found that he can only turn about 0.25 of an inch at time, any more and the work wobbles.  So he turns a bit completely, before bringing out the next bit of the job to be worked on.     He uses some small turning tools, and has had to make some.