Talk on Chip Carving

Gill Smith had expressed an interest in doing some chip carving and John Adamson had brought in some examples

John Adamson gave us an impromptu talk on Chip Carving.    It is not a style of carving he favours, but in 1999 he was an impoverished exchange student in Richmond, Virginia and was offered a free day out to learn chip carving by the local woodcarving group, so he took up the offer.    The organisers had already marked out the squares on the wood, so the most difficult part had been done.   That day he produced the carvings above and hoped that it would be the last time he had anything to do with chip carving.

But Back in 2019 the club had a talk on chip carving by Murray Taylor  (see    This opened John’s mind to the possibility that chip carving could be something other than finicky carved triangle.       At the same time he had been introduced to Myrioramas, and which he combined with those little Christmas presents we used to get where you slid squares round to make a picture, and produced a  chip carved myriorama.   see

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