As I have run out of members current work, I thought that I would bring some of the work hidden in the back of the galleries out for an airing, and have chosen a carving Norman Jackson made on a carving holiday in Austria.    Norman attended a week long course at the Geisler- Moroder Schnitzschule in Elbigenalp in the midst of the Lechtaler and Allgäu mountains in Austria see http://www.schnitzschule.com.    It sounds as if he had a great time and he thoroughly recommends it.

The school provided him with 16 chisels and gouges of various types but he only used 5 or 6 of them.  The course started with a some warm up exercises; a flower and a pair of lips, both in low relief and carved in Zirberkiefer – Swiss Mountain Pine, a very pleasing wood to work.

Before starting work on the main carving, Norman was advised that he would need to attend a life drawing class.  As the school had 9/10 very beautiful ladies and none were over 31, Norman was very disappointed to be presented with a block of wood and a yogurt carton as the subject.  Life Drawing seems to have been a translation of  Still Life Drawing.

After making a maquette, Norman started on the main carving of an Austrian man. The pictures below show his progress.   Some long days of hard work, sweat and tears produced a very satisfactory result.

Norman says a special thank you to Karen and Michael, and that he came home POWFECKED and very happy.

Model and drawing


Roughing out stage











Face defined


















More defined

















More features defined

















Finished work







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