Carvings by Nick Pantelides

Nick has been a stalwart of the club for as long as I can remember.   He is generous with his knowledge, giving talks on a wide range of subjects from bone carving to Scandinavian flat knife carvings.   He is also willing to give members help and advice.   To see more of Nick’s carvings go to Galleries, click on Members carvings, then click on Nick’s name.   There are lots of carving by other members to be seen on the same Members Carving Gallery



Holly carved in Lime, height 8 inches by Nick Pantelides

Horse by Nick Pantelides










Churchill by Nick Pantelides

Man of the wood, carved in Lime, Height 14 inches by Nick Pantelides
















Fruit bowl carved in cherry, 15 inches wide by Nick Pantelides









Dimitria carved in Lime, height 15 inches by Nick Pantelides
















Dante carved in lime, height 14 inches by Nick Pantelides



















Black Forest Animal Carving by Nick Pantelides













Bison carved in Lime, 8 inches long by Nick Pantelides












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  1. Gillian Smith
    Gillian Smith says:

    Lovely to be reminded of Nck’s talent. Thank you. At the club we don’t see a lot of him carving because he is so busy helping others at whatever level they are at.


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