Club Projects around Burnley – A talk by Richard Colbran

On the 2oth November, Richard took some of of us who have been in the club a long time down memory lane, and gave newer members an insight into what great work had been done.

The first few images were of the owl carved by Richard from and for positioning in a Cedar of Lebanon in Towneley Park, which after some 20 years in the open, is as. good as when it was installed, and a talking point for visitors.















We moved on to Padiham where John Adamson carved two dancers out of condemned willow trees.     They stood some 12 ft tall in the garden by the bridge.   Sadley they have disappeared.   Don’t know why but willow does not resist rot.

Padiham Dancers


















Then on to another of John’s projects – a group of children from a rather rotten beech tree stump in Thompson Park.   The centre of the tree had rotted away and despite Richard’s attempts to keep them together they too have disappeared,

Group of Children in Thompson Park

Children’s carving with Richard’s paint effects
















Club members have supplied carvings on marker posts for Brun Valley Trail, Small Holdings Trail, and decorated picnic tables at various locations.


Marker Post Carving

Marker post carving in position











Picnic table decoration












Paul Slater carved the lettering for the Offshoots garden in Towneley Park


Lettering for Offshoots carved by Paul Slater





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