Covid Carving Suggestions

Now that Boris has dropped his Rule of Six bombshell, it is obvious that we will not be able to meet to carve for some time, so I thought that I would share with you some of my “On Holiday” carvings.    We go on walking holidays and often are carrying all our belongings in a rucksack from one night stop to the next.    This restricts  the weight of our stuff, so wear one and carry one of all items of clothing is a general rule, a half used tube of toothpaste, and no room for any carving tools except my trusted Opinel pocket knife.      I pick up small interesting bits of wood as I walk along.   They have to be pocket size, and suggest what might be carved.    I am not expecting you to go on a walking holiday during the Covid experience, but you might find interesting bits of wood when pruning trees or bushes.   You don’t need any special space for doing this, although a very accommodating partner is required if carving on a carpeted surface.   I have confused chamber maids in Abu Dhabi by carving in my hotel bed!!

Abstract Mother and Child in Vine wood

Bowing Man in Vine Wood


Woman in Vine Wood

Horse’s Head in Rotten Wood


Knobbly Head Wood Unknown

Warrior in Root of Unknown Wood


Dish – Wood Unknown

Woman doing Press up – Wood Unknown


Animal and Shell – Woods not known.

Sitting Fat Man – Wood Unknown






































































Abstract Mother and Child in Vine wood

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