Dolphin Carving repair    by Richard Higgins

I saw this carving at the local rubbish tip and quickly grabbed it before it was thrown away. The thought of all that hard work that someone has put into this carving just for another to discard it because it needed a simple repair!
1 The following photos show how I went about the repair and returned it to its former glory. I hope you enjoy the transformation.

2. A simple levelling of the broken area for a good seamless join and use of a small biscuit joint was all I needed to glue on the piece of lime wood into the position, which I presumed was the original shape.

3. Having allowed the glue to set I went about carving the shape and correct thickness to make it appear as the other tail fin. My only other problem was, `how to disguise the grain` as it was running at 90 degrees to the dolphin carving to allow for strength.

4. After a good few hours of rubbing down with several grades of sand paper and with a little experimenting of colours and fine line painting to replicate the wood grain of the opposing tail fin, I managed to restore what was a dry, broken and tired carving of a pair of dolphins to its former glory. It now resides in my lounge on display for all to enjoy!

I hope this makes you think twice before throwing away that old broken carving?