In memory of Danny

Danny was a popular member of the club, always happy, friendly and willing to help with anything that needed doing.   He passed away at a far too young age.   The club is carving three “In Memory” boards for the family, to be carved by club members.

John Adamson, a member who has done more lettering than most (see website had agreed to show he would tackle the work.   His is not the only way, or necessarily the best but the way he has found works for him.      He produces computer designed lettering to the right size.    In the case of Popples Close Farm the letters where twice as tall as normal, as the client wanted a clearly visible sign which was not too wide.

.Popplles Close Farm



It is difficult to carve in a position so that all the audience can see, so we had the work filmed and projected.  The computer print out is fixed to the board with photo mounting in a spray can.    The letters are carved through the paper.     Each letter starts with a vertical cut in the centre of the letter.   This should not be as deep as the final letter, as it is a “stop” cut to prevent the wood splitting when the side cuts are made.    The straight lines are easier and John has a set of chisels in various that he keeps just for lettering, so that they are sharp and the cutting edge square to the blade.     Curved parts of letters are more of a problem and John uses a flexicut chisel with a very rounded cutting edge, i.e. without sharp corners to the cutting edge.    A normal gouge would cut into the sides of the letter and spool the carving.

Filming of the event


John has produced one of the boards so that members can see what they are aiming forIn Memory of Danny

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