Lancashire & Cheshire Woodcarvers Christmas Party 2015

A grand buffet was enjoyed by all the members at the joint event on 12 December 2015. The festive fare foods consisted of pork pies, prawns, sandwiches, quiche, salad, fruit platter, cakes, biscuits and Belgian chocolates.

Members were asked to bring interesting carvings bought or received as presents. There were some very diverse carvings brought in and each person gave a talk on where they acquired them from.

Richard Colbran showed a cedar bird in a tree, a Canadian loon bird, a buffalo from a flea market received as a birthday present, an African hippo and 3 Nisse Scandinavian carvings his carved himself. Also an Asian Indian owl decorated with holes through the body of it.

Gillian Smith brought the most exotic carvings in which included a Mexican Mayan temple mask carved with an eagle head and face in vibrant colours. A Martin Mere ?Heron on a Rock?. Roaten Island found wood octopus which was made by a man from Rochdale! From Moscow an intricate chip carving box. From Estonia a clock and matching trivet mat in slice work patterns produced from aspen wood. A marble ?bridge? toy which her brother made and he is 75 now.

Adrian Carter produced an owl with baby owl carved in a log from Bakewell. An original Rob Thompson mouse wedge and a Cyprus salamander carved in a fungal growth.

Glynnis Cruice exhibited a Lade Bled necklace from a yew tree which grew on the lakeside and made by a local carver where he pointed out the tree branch where it was cut from. A Mexican sectional box received as a present from Gillian. A clog from Holland which is to be decorated at a later stage also a present from Gillian.

Marjorie Coulthurst demonstrated a fun coat hanger bought from a charity shop in Oxford, which made the wings spread when a weight was put on the hook.

Mike Hanson presented an ebony African mask which he purchased in Liverpool and a teak elephant from Ashton.

A fun quiz on the theme of wood/trees produced a winner of Emma Flook who took the prize of Thorntons mixed toffee and graciously shared with the group.

The group members thoroughly enjoyed the party and everybody went home full and happy.