Our March meeting consisted of the AGM followed by a ‘show and tell’ session on carvings having more than one colour or wood.
A number of members brought a selection of their work for discussion, a selection is mentioned below.
Richard talked about the different uses of stains in his carvings.

RC Owl

Margaret had brought a Dolphin carved in Zebrano wood and a branch carved as a snake which exposed the heart wood at points to give a patterned effect.

Margaret - Snake Margaret - Dolphin

John showed several pieces including a carving that exposed the natural flaws in the wood and a piece that displayed the heartwood.

JA mixed wood

Stuart brought a number of pieces including??a carved Greek Comedy and Tragedy masks that used different woods and a ‘green man’ that utilised the difference in the heartwood as part of the design.

SH Greek masks_edited-1 SH - green man_edited-1