Welcome to Lancashire & Cheshire Woodcarvers

About the club

Lancashire & Cheshire Woodcarvers was formed in 1992 to promote woodcarving across the two counties and to allow its members to share a common enthusiasm, ideas and improve their carving skills in a friendly and supportive club. ? Carvers of all levels of experience are welcome, and beginners can be sure of a friendly reception.

We currently have over 30 members. ? ?

During most of the year we meet monthly on a Saturday and regularly have speakers and demonstration on carving techniques and wider woodcraft. Optionally there are also a regular weekly informal carving sessions on a Thursday for the majority of the year. For full details ?click here?.

Members have access to the club?s extensive library of carving books and videos. The club also has tools that are available for beginners to use at meeting.

Where to find us


Spotland Methodist Church
Rooley Moor Road
OL12 7DQ

* Please use the side entrance on Tenby Street

When we Meet

For full details of when we meet please click here?.

Latest News, Updates and Events

21st Sept 19 Bob Burton – Journey to being a carver

Bob is a new member and told us about his first adventures in carving. ? ? One day, he had amazing luck, and found an advert in a carving magazine for a Furniture Making school that was only yards away from his front door. ? ? There he could make what he wanted with the […]

Thursday 18th July. Murray Taylor on Chip Carving

Murray Taylor covered 3 topics, Chip Carving,?Sharpening Knives, ?and Lettering with a Knife. ? There are no British books on chip carving but Murray hopes to remedy this in the near future, building on his articles in the Woodcarving magazine Murray was aware that many?of our members consider chip carving to be boring, and set […]

17th June 19 New Members Carving Journeys

Four of our newish members were very brave and told us how they came to join the club and how they were progressing with their carving experience. ? They were all quite different from each other. ? Nico Pantelides gives new members and introduction to carving, explaining the use and sharpening of tools, and setting […]

18th May David Kershaw Model Maker

David Kershaw has always loved makings and?uses wood, brass, plastic and electronics in?his work. ? There seems to be various levels of accomplishment in the model making world. ? ?From?Bought plastic kits ready to be painted, through models made from Scratch ( all the parts made by hand), to Museum standard models that are too […]

27th April Walking Sticks -Nick Pantelidies, John Adamson, Stewart Hood

Three members showed us the way that we have made walking sticks. ? These were sticks meant to be used rather than show pieces made to the exacting standards of the British Stickmakers?Guild. ? ? ? Nick showed us the proper way of making stick!! ? ?A?potential stick should be collected in?Jan or Feb, allowed […]

24th March Show at Hollingworth Lakes Visitor Centre

The Club was invited to exhibit our work at?Hollingworth Lakes Wood festival. ??? It?was a lovely sunny day but with a sharp wind at times. ?Some stalwarts stewarded the show outside all day and they look cold in the photos.                 Others stayed inside, and looked happier