Welcome to Lancashire & Cheshire Woodcarvers

About the club

Lancashire & Cheshire Woodcarvers was formed in 1992 to promote woodcarving across the two counties and to allow its members to share a common enthusiasm, ideas and improve their carving skills in a friendly and supportive club.  Carvers of all levels of experience are welcome, and beginners can be sure of a friendly reception.

We currently have over 30 members.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are currently only meeting via video.  In normal circumstances we meet monthly on a Saturday and regularly have speakers and demonstration on carving techniques and wider woodcraft. Optionally there are also a regular weekly informal carving sessions on a Thursday for the majority of the year. For full details click here.

Members have access to the clubs extensive library of carving books and videos. The club also has tools that are available for beginners to use at meeting.

Where to find us


Spotland Methodist Church
Rooley Moor Road
OL12 7DQ

* Please use the side entrance on Tenby Street

When we Meet

For full details of when we meet please click here.

Latest News, Updates and Events

A Sculptor’s Progress by John Adamson

John’s work has been described as ODD, PECULIAR and QUIRKY, from admirers of his carving. John has been producing various styles of sculpture for 60 years, since the age of 8 or 9. Having been surrounded by tools and wood in his pattern maker’s father’s workshop, but not allowed to touch. He made his own […]

Carving Picnic Tables in Padiham in 2012

The friends of the Memorial Park, Padiham asked us to carve something from nature on the ends of some new picnic tables Lets hope that we get such lovely weather in 2021 and that we can meet up like this again soon. ??          ??              

Barry Bates – Green Wood Carver

  Barry is a minimalist.   All his work is carried out on this bench.   It breaks down into 3 legs and a top for transport.   The metal bar bent like a shepherds crook is a very effective clamp to hold wood on the bench top. He does have more tools than shown […]

Thompson Dagnall

Thompson Dagnall carves wonderfully in wood and stone, usually on a big scale. He showed us pictures of some of his public art commissions. Just put Thomson Dagnall into a search engine and be prepared to be amazed. This carving is typical of Thompson’s figure work, so life like and with so much vigour and […]

Christmas Zoom

History of wood carving – Ancient Egypt by John Adamson

This post was originally published in the now defunct British Woodcarvers Association’s magazine During the time of the Pharaohs reigned in Egypt, 2500BC to 30BC, the materials from which tools could be made changed from stone, through copper, to bronze, and finally iron.  The usability of tools improved with the sustainability of a sharp edge.  […]

Visit to Towneley Hall and Off Shoots

Back in August 2014, some 20 members and wives enjoyed a wonderful guided trip round Towneley Hall and Off Shoots Hall see http://burnley.co.uk/visit/culture/towneley-hall/ followed by a visit to the Off Shoots. Our guide round the hall took us into parts that normal visitors do not see and allowed us beyond the rope barriers.  The most entrancing […]

Sculptor Spends 4 Years Sculpting World’s Longest Wooden Masterpiece by Dan Edmund

Stuart Hood recommended this article copied from Buzznick .   Highly recommended.   If anyone else has ideas for this weekly post, please let me know using the “contact us” feature on the club website. When most people see a fallen tree, they think nothing of it. Unless it happens to fall in your yard, then […]