Welcome to Lancashire & Cheshire Woodcarvers

About the club

Lancashire & Cheshire Woodcarvers was formed in 1992 to promote woodcarving across the two counties and to allow its members to share a common enthusiasm, ideas and improve their carving skills in a friendly and supportive club.  Carvers of all levels of experience are welcome, and beginners can be sure of a friendly reception.

We currently have over 30 members.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we are currently only meeting via video.  In normal circumstances we meet monthly on a Saturday and regularly have speakers and demonstration on carving techniques and wider woodcraft. Optionally there are also a regular weekly informal carving sessions on a Thursday for the majority of the year. For full details click here.

Members have access to the clubs extensive library of carving books and videos. The club also has tools that are available for beginners to use at meeting.

Where to find us


Spotland Methodist Church
Rooley Moor Road
OL12 7DQ

* Please use the side entrance on Tenby Street

When we Meet

For full details of when we meet please click here.

Latest News, Updates and Events

27th April Walking Sticks -Nick Pantelidies, John Adamson, Stewart Hood

Three members showed us the way that we have made walking sticks. ? These were sticks meant to be used rather than show pieces made to the exacting standards of the British Stickmakers?Guild. ? ? ? Nick showed us the proper way of making stick!! ? ?A?potential stick should be collected in?Jan or Feb, allowed […]

24th March Show at Hollingworth Lakes Visitor Centre

The Club was invited to exhibit our work at?Hollingworth Lakes Wood festival. ??? It?was a lovely sunny day but with a sharp wind at times. ?Some stalwarts stewarded the show outside all day and they look cold in the photos.                 Others stayed inside, and looked happier  

16th mar A.G.M and Sale of Surplus Tools and Wood

      Before the A.G.M. there was time to chat and carve. ? ? ?Our A.G.M was a very quick and civilised affair. ? We gave our thanks to the committee members and officials who had kept the club running last year , and to the members who had taken on the work for […]

16th Feb Sean Dyche portrait in 5.5 hours by John Adamson (member)

John had been asked to carve a portrait of Sean Dyche, manager of Burnley Football Club, on a tight budget. ? ? ?The wood was a standing tree stump in a pub yard. ? ? ?Photographs of Sean Dyche with his mouth shut are rare. ? John managed to get a front view, but the […]

20Jan Amber, Jet, Jade, and Ivory. Talk by Gill Smith (member)

Gill Illustrated her talk with slides and souvenirs from her holidays.                 Amber is a fossilised tree resin that is easy cut by hand or with a flexible shaft tool. ? ?Usually a rich yellow but can be red or blue. ? If it happens to have an […]

Annual Showcase – 20th October 2018

We had our usual great selection of carvings by our members.   The mayor of Rochdale came round and was very impressed.  He said that carving was one of the skills that was being lost and only kept alive by such clubs as ours.   Below are some of our stalwarts with their work  

September Workshop – Bone Carving by Nick Pantelides

Today we had a presentation and a variety of topics from one of our long-standing members – Nick Pantelides Nick’s morning session wasa discussion on carving in other media such as Bone, Alabaster, Soapstone, Ivory, animal horn and Antler. Bones need a lot of preparation to ensure all the marrow is removed. this includes first […]