The Wall in the Wilderness – Tasmania

A relative of a friend was a £10 Pom and now lives in Tasmania.   He introduced me to this work which is amazing.

It is carved in flat-relief out of Huon Pine by self-taught sculptor Greg Duncan and is telling the history of the Tasmanian Central Highlands. On massive wood panels 3 metres high. Currently there are 35 panels on display in the hall. When complete, The Wall will have a total length of 100 metres! (That’s 50m per side.).  These are just some of the many pictures available on line.   There is also a video that is well worth watching click on Video



















































The building housing The Wall in the Wilderness is purpose built and is a magnificent structure both inside and out. Classical music wafts around the room at just the right level so as not to intrude on one’s gaze, instead adding to the incredibly relaxing atmosphere in the gallery.




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