Towneley Mice

Our club enjoys an on-going association with the Towneley Hall Art Gallery and Museum, in Burnley, as a result of exhibitions in the Hall, appearances at the Woodland Festivals, and the Towneley Owl project.

A request was received for a number of carved mice, which could be laid as a ?mouse trail? round the hall, as an attraction for younger visitors, and it was decided that we should tackle this as a club project, giving members free reign to produce a mouse to their own design.

A deadline was imposed, and a collection of over 50 mice was presented to David Anderson, from the Hall, at our Christmas meeting in 2002. It was obvious that members had enjoyed being inventive in this project, as there was a great diversity in the mice submitted.

They were put on display, as a collection, soon after the presentation, but could not be set out as originally intended, because of major building extension work and subsequent rearrangement of the displays within the Hall.

The mice were finally set out in September 2003, to coincide with our exhibition of carvings, and have immediately become a major attraction for the children, who enjoy looking out for them as they tour the Hall.

Their popularity has ensured their retention, at least for the present, and a demand has been created for mice to be sold in the Towneley shop

The shop now sells

Mice making kits

Story Book

Mouse Hunt check list for kids

It ha always been an annoyance that the club’s work in providing the mice is not recognised anywhere on the publications


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