17 Members and their friends visited Cuckooland where they were shown the Museum Collection of between 500 and 700 cuckoo clocks.

aTreasure in the corner Wild boar IMG_9017 (1)

The collection has been brought together by brothers Roman and Maz Piekarski who, as horologists and clock restorers, have sought and renovated the rarest and most notable examples over their careers of thirty years.

The day was a wonderful insight into the variety, quality and ingenuity associated with the ancient craft of cuckoo clock making.

Before leaving the old school,house which houses their collection we were treated to three tunes an the old Fairground organ. Wonderful sounds …
it brought back memories of the seaside for me, I could almost taste the candyfloss and smell the sticks of rock.

aFairground IMG_9019

In the grounds we saw their collection of old motorbikes and vehicles, including a “Green Godess”as used by the army to replace fire engines when the firemen went on strike.

aBikes and lorries IMG_9031

The visit ended with a sad note. There are no apprentices and no interested heirs to the collection, so their worry is how will this collection be preserved for generations to come.

aL&CWC Members at Cuckooland   IMG_9012

A video of the museum :


A video showing the workings of a Beha echo cuckoo clock:


Telephone the owners to arrange a visit. View by appointment only.

Report by Gillian Smith