Richard Potter brought a van load of wood for us to wonder at, and he hoped buy.?? Even I, who normally uses “found” wood as it is free, bought ?44 worth.?? Much of it was more for wood turners rather than carvers but we enjoyed seeing some of the variety of his stock

Richard explained that the firm had been established by his grandfather, that he was the third Richard Potter, and that his children were the fourth generation to work in the business. ? They mainly supplied the normal DIY and building trades,? but the exotic woods added interest to the work.???? There catalogue is quite extensive, see I asked where some specific woods came from as the sizes were larger than I had seen in the UK.?? Box wood comes from Mexico, pear from Switzerland, lime from the continent as the UK supply is so variable .


The woods above are, Blackwood from Africa, Grass Tree root from Australia, and Banksia nuts from Australia.


This was an eight foot long piece of Italian Olive wood, which I found amazing as I have never seen an olive tree that was tall and straight enough to produce such a plank.????? Apparently the colour of olive wood varies from country to country!

It was a very enjoyable meeting if a bit heavy on the pocket